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  • What started as “A Good Night” became so much more. @JohnLegend turned an intimate poolside concert at a historic Bevery Hills villa into an unforgettable party with a purpose. All fees went to his @letsfreeamerica campaign for justice reform.
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  • Some grannies play cards, some tell stories. But these ones—they box. These senior heavy hitters train alongside pro bodybuilders and athletes to promote an active, healthy lifestyle in their community. Visit their gym for a boxing session with some of Johannesburg's finest (and wisest).
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  • File under “room with a view”. Open the windows of this 200-year-old house and let in the gentle sounds of the Vltava River below. If you’re lucky, you may even hear your host, Zdenka, a singer and musician, practicing her guitar on the terrace.
Photo: @acbever
  • Fashion designer Puja and his engineer cousin, Rohan, are the expert duo to take you through Goa’s vibrant architecture. You’ll learn about the history, play games, and get the scoop on two important sides to every building: function and form.
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